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We've partnered with some of the best professional League of Legends players with the goal of delivering an amazing experience. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, ELOBUFF can provide insight to improve your game. We tailor the experience to you, showing personal trends and matchups. Our highly accurate and diverse statistics can be filtered to your liking, ensuring that you see data relevant to your region, rating and play style.

Affordably priced for any budget.

We developed ELOBUFF as a service that even professional players would want to use. Tracking millions of new statistics every day, storing them forever, and presenting them in new and unique ways is incredibly expensive. Your hard earned $6 keeps ELOBUFF fast and reliable, ensures that new features are developed on a regular basis, and helps sponsor professional players and teams like Counter Logic Gaming (CLG).

$6 per month

Learn By Example

See how professionals play your favorite champions.

See What's Trending

Learn which roles and builds are most successful.

Track Your Progress

Understand your strengths, see improvement over time.

Counter-Picking Paradise

Real champion and summoner based counter-picking.

Keep Tabs On Friends

See what your friends and pro players are doing.

Find out who's #1

Exclusive worldwide rankings by role and champion.

"It has analytics in every scenario you could possibly imagine"
CLG Jungler

"ELOBUFF provides a new level of statistical tracking. It allows beginner and intermediate players to study the game and learn from the pros; and the pros to further analyze and learn from each and every single match played the competition."
Most played this week:
Xerath, Twisted Fate, Ziggs

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